Cables Element C.I.A. Waterboarding at Secret Jail Run by Gina Haspel


“Interrogation escalated quickly from topic being aggressively debriefed by interrogators whereas standing on the walling wall, to a number of functions of the walling method, and finally, a number of functions of the watering method,” one other doc mentioned.

At instances, the interrogators known as Mr. Nashiri names — “a little bit lady,” “a spoiled little wealthy Saudi,” a “sissy” — and threatened to show him over to “different folks” who, they mentioned, “will surely kill him,” one cable mentioned. Pointing to the black-clad staff that carried out the torture, they informed Mr. Nashiri that its members had volunteered for the job after listening to he was accountable for the bombing of the Cole and “had one thing to avenge.”

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Within the late November session, after Mr. Nashiri was waterboarded a number of instances, the interrogators mentioned they had been prepared to ship the identical remedy for months till he cooperated. Once they had been completed, Mr. Nashiri crawled into “the small field” by which he was confined.

The interrogators regularly informed Mr. Nashiri they didn’t consider he was telling the whole lot he knew, threatening him with worse remedy if he didn’t inform them extra. The prisoner, already subjected to the entire array of C.I.A. torture methods — loud noise, sleep deprivation, pressured nudity, wall-slamming and waterboarding — insisted he was making an attempt to recollect and inform them the whole lot.

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However the interrogators seem to have finally concluded that Mr. Nashiri was not mendacity. A number of the cables again to headquarters, apparently written by Ms. Haspel, described him as “compliant and cooperative,” in response to the 2014 report on the interrogation program by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Officers at C.I.A. headquarters had been displeased by such feedback, directing the sector officers to cease making such “sweeping statements” about Mr. Nashiri’s compliance. The superiors in Langley, Va., insisted that he knew greater than he was saying.

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Ms. Haspel arrived to supervise the Thailand black web site in late October 2002. The positioning was shut weeks later, on Dec. 4, 2002.

With the final of the newly launched cables, dated Dec. 1, 2002, the writing type shifts dramatically, aspiring to a literary aptitude. The cable says the interrogator and linguist “strode, catlike, into the well-lit confines of the cell” and one in all them “deftly eliminated the topic’s black hood with a swipe,” addressing him in “a deep, measured voice.” The change in type suggests, although it doesn’t show, that the ultimate cable might not have been written by Ms. Haspel, Mr. Blanton mentioned.


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