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Carpenter ants observe trails. Simply watch them wandering about in your picket porch till they strike a path of pheromones (chemical substances ants use for communication) that one other ant has laid down.

Ants don’t have noses, so that they wave their antennas round to select up the path, then off they go on the street to destroy. (Carpenter ants destroy homes.)

Scientists know a lot about ants, together with their capability to observe scent trails, however researchers at Harvard needed to get a extra detailed understanding of how precisely ants sniff, or style, the pheromone-marked path.

First, some fundamentals: Ants use their antennas to select up chemical cues left by different ants.

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And the chemical sense of ants, name it scent or style or chemo-reception, permits them to observe straight trails, curved trails, even zigzags.

To see how ants do it, the scientists blended ink and ant pheromones and used the end result to color trails on paper.

They set ants out on trails and recorded dozens of hours of ant motion. They analyzed the video and tried out completely different pc fashions of the ants’ conduct.

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What Ryan W. Sprint and his adviser, Venkatesh N. Murthy, and different researchers discovered was that the ants had a number of methods for path-following. The scientists printed their ends in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

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All of the ants used their antennas to brush the path aspect to aspect. One technique they used was probing. A probing ant moved slowly, retaining its antennas shut collectively.

The researchers termed one other technique exploratory: Ants nonetheless moved slowly, however they took winding paths shifting away from and again to a path.

Once they had been locked right into a pheromone path, they moved alongside extra shortly, retaining their antennas on both aspect of the trail. They stored one antenna nearer to the trail, however which antenna diverse from ant to ant. In different phrases, some had been lefties and others had been righties.

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Additionally, regardless of the fame that ants have in fables as industrious, some ants had been extra persistent than others. The concept that ants are all hard-wired robots that do the identical factor simply didn’t apply.

An understanding of their conduct might, nevertheless, be helpful in constructing simply such robots.

Dr. Murthy views the successes of this experiment as a sign that the researchers have discovered methodology for learning ant navigation intimately. “I feel we had been humbled by the ants and seeing simply how refined their behaviors are,” he stated. “Humbled, however not discouraged.”


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