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PALERMO, Sicily — Italy’s populist inside minister, Matteo Salvini, celebrated Parliament’s passage of his Safety Decree to crack down on unlawful immigration by assuring his supporters final 12 months that “I gained’t cease!”

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However stopping Mr. Salvini is precisely what Leoluca Orlando, the mayor of Palermo, the Sicilian capital, needs to do.

Handed with a lot fanfare late final 12 months, Mr. Salvini’s Safety Decree was meant to make Italy extra unwelcoming to migrants, not least by casting off two years of “humanitarian safety” for asylum seekers, a standing that allowed them to dwell within the nation legally.

Removed from including to safety, says Mr. Orlando, 71, a veteran mayor and constitutional regulation professor who got here to prominence within the combat towards the mafia, the regulation dangers pushing migrants into the shadows and the prison underworld by denying them authorized standing in addition to entry to well being care and different social companies.

He has refused to use the decree in a stand that has develop into a outstanding a part of a widening grass-roots resistance to Mr. Salvini’s arduous line on immigration, which is more and more dividing the nation even because it has tightened the populist government’s hold on power.

On Friday afternoon, in defiance of the law, Mr. Orlando pushed through the first four applications by migrants seeking residency under their humanitarian status.

By signing their applications, Mr. Orlando hopes to invite a legal challenge by the government that he can take all the way to Italy’s highest court. He intends to argue that Mr. Salvini’s measures are unconstitutional and violate the migrants’ human rights.

“I cannot accept that you produce criminality,” Mr. Orlando said in an interview last month in his grand office, surrounded by gilded Islamic manuscripts, a letter from Pope Francis and a paperweight of the Dalai Lama.

Many liberal mayors across the country, from Naples to Florence to Milan, applauded Mr. Orlando’s intention to defy the government, which he first announced at the end of December.

Mr. Orlando’s office now hopes his action will clear the way for the mayors to create Italian versions of the sanctuary cities that sprouted in the United States in opposition to President’s Trump’s similarly minded crackdown on immigration.

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This week, Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia and the northern region of Piedmont filed a legal complaint against the Security Decree, charging that it actually increased criminal activity and decreased the possibility of economic integration.

In a further knock on the government, prosecutors in Sicily initiated an investigation of Mr. Salvini on charges of “kidnapping,” after his refusal to allow an Italian Coast Guard ship carrying migrants to dock this summer.

In the absence of plausible political opposition at the national level, some have welcomed the signs of resistance against the government, led by Mr. Salvini’s anti-immigrant League and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement.

“There are many little outbreaks that have failed to form in a single flame,” said Claudio Cerasa, the author of a manual on resistance to Italy’s culture of intolerance and the editor of Il Foglio, a newspaper critical of the government.

But the flickers of resistance have only inflamed Mr. Salvini, who clearly thinks he has a winning position ahead of critical European Parliament elections in May. He continues to find evermore inventive ways to ratchet up his crack down on illegal migration.

Mr. Salvini has embraced the investigation aimed at him as an opportunity to play the victim of overreaching magistrates. He has already attacked the civilly disobedient mayors as scofflaws who “assist the unlawful migrants hate Italians, and they’ll reply to the regulation and to historical past.’’

‘‘I cannot cease,” he pledged.

Certainly, final month, Mr. Salvini refused to supply a secure port to the Sea Watch 3, a vessel that had rescued 47 migrants from the Mediterranean Sea. For practically two weeks, the ship was adrift as Mr. Salvini spoke of forming a “naval blockade” to seal off the nation.

The standoff ended on Thursday, solely after European neighbors agreed to absorb the vast majority of the migrants, who disembarked in one other Sicilian metropolis, Catania.

The repeating loop of ships approaching Italy with rescued migrants, solely to be turned away by Mr. Salvini, has given the tough-talking inside minister a seemingly inexhaustible properly of speaking factors and advantageous tv footage.

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“I assure that our place is not going to change: Zero Tolerance” Mr. Salvini posted on Twitter Thursday, including later that tens of millions of Italians “voted for me to BLOCK THE LANDINGS.”

Mr. Orlando accused Mr. Salvini of fear-mongering and “utilizing the banner of safety to get votes within the subsequent European election.”

His determination, which his workplace stated is predicated on his studying of Italian regulation, breaks a bureaucratic deadlock with metropolis staff who, not like him, have been loath to defy Mr. Salvini’s decree. It units off a course of that can doubtless end result this month within the mayor personally granting residency to the candidates.

“That is the primary concrete act of opposition,” stated Mr. Orlando, who is raring for Italy’s highest court docket to rule on Mr. Salvini’s regulation. “I want a court docket!”

Within the meantime, migrants round Italy are feeling the strain.

“I don’t know what to do,” Saha Abdul, 21, a migrant from Ghana stated as he shopped within the Ballarò market within the middle of Palermo. He stated he had tried to resume his paperwork to achieve residency in Italy, however was informed the decree made that not possible.

“I’m already on the road. All the things is in my bag — water, meals,’’ he lamented. ‘‘I get no assist. It should push folks to do what folks don’t need to do.”

On the College of Palermo, a gaggle of 10 attorneys and regulation college students supplied free counsel to migrants thrown in disarray by the brand new decree. Exterior of a classroom, attorneys labored off a name checklist with the names Sakko, Konate, Camara and Bolul.

Migrants who arrived in Italy as minors — attending Italian colleges, studying the language and integrating of their cities — typically counted on the humanitarian standing to stay in Italy after they got here of age. As an alternative, many risked instantly changing into unlawful as they turned 18.

Alieu Sosseh, 17, stated his utility for a residency allow had been postponed till later this month.

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“I don’t know why. I’m not attempting to do one thing unhealthy on this nation. I’ve been going to high school,” he stated, fearful that individuals in his scenario will finally be compelled to start out dealing medicine.

“In life when you possibly can’t get your meals — your breakfast — and that’s the solely alternative, you will get concerned in that factor,’’ he stated. ‘‘You gained’t prefer it, however you don’t have any selection.”

Mr. Salvini’s critics say that’s precisely the result he wishes. By producing extra migrant crime, they are saying, he produces extra anxiousness and worry, precisely the circumstances on which his law-and-order proposals feed.

However Mr. Salvini argues that the mayors and different liberals are merely making excuses for migrants, who they like over law-abiding Italian residents.

Appearing on the authority of Mr. Salvini’s Safety Decree, the police final week cleared out an integration middle in Castelnuovo di Porto, north of Rome. Mr. Salvini stated the closure of such facilities, the place about 6,000 refugee candidates throughout the nation obtain shelter, would save the state about six million euros.

Mr. Salvini pledged to hold out an analogous evacuation of a fair bigger middle in Sicily later this 12 months.

Such strikes proceed to divide Italians. The mayor of Castelnuovo di Porto expressed disgust with Mr. Salvini and took in a Somali lady. Different residents rallied round youngsters who attended the native faculty and a 19-year-old Senegalese striker for the native soccer group.

Mr. Orlando had supported the Sea Watch, the rescue vessel that landed Thursday, and even gave its crew a Palermo flag earlier than they set sail. Residents within the Sicilian city Syracuse, outdoors of which the Sea Watch lingered, hung white sheets from their balconies studying “Let Them Dock,” and a few households supplied to take migrants in.

Mr. Orlando is hoping that he, and the mayors who adopted his lead, had no less than sparked one thing within the nation.

“I performed my function,” he stated. “I hope I cannot stay remoted and everybody will ask, ‘In my discipline, what can I do to be concretely towards this?’”


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